If you can boost, that'd be great: I'm still looking for work (Can't seem to find anything and it's killing me) I do freelance work and I'm looking for a job that's tech-adjacent at least.

I am compent with SQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, Python(mostly 3, but I can do 2.7) and UI/UX Design. Also good at research, and non-fiction writing

Freelance or Full-time or Part-time work is fine. Need something.


RIP me, ???–2017

died doing designing lists of things for computer “apps”

scientists have finally confirmed cats are real

*picks up object*
*looks at it for a long while*
I do not understand


Back in Vancouver after a week away. City is now thick with smoke from the BC wildfires. I’m surprised it’s taken this long, but even more surprised by the effect. City feels like Blade Runner.

tired: exhausted, as by exertion; fatigued or sleepy
wired: equipped with wires, as for electricity or telephone service

Photo rare d'une maman bateau allaitant ses bébés bateaux.

“How did it come to pass that the most ordinary digital places, like Facebook or YouTube, inhabited by the greatest numbers of humans, engaged in the most acts of content creation and interpersonal connection in the history of mankind, are also the most awful?”

Could part of the answer be the opposite of user-centered design?


. @ry5n This is constantly an amazing thing and is a good survey especially if you know about design patterns from comp sci or related disciplines (Christopher Alexander keynote at OOPSLA ’96):


Reading a summary of Patterns Day talks (projectsbyif.com/ideas/notes-f). This idea from @paulrobertlloyd really stands out: “patterns don’t come with ethics”.

It stands out because in their original formulation, patterns had a fundamental ethical component. They were at least as much about human well-being as about the physical environments they were meant to generate. Especially when each pattern was embedded in a larger “language” of related patterns.

I keep trying to read that “what football will be like in the future” piece but I’m always on my phone. And I can’t.

Initially it’s like whoa what’s happening, and then oh, chapter 1 is made of calendars, cool. K, this has got something going on, I’ll do pinch-zoom sure.

Oh. no.

Don’t disable user zoom in browsers, kids

What’s going to happen to the President’s Choice brand name?

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