The big positive out of this is that our Ruby upgrade process (for buildkite and for all our machines too!) will now be documented thoroughly and hopefully mistakes like today’s will be prevented in the future.

I should also say: I got through today mostly unscathed because Culture Amp’s team is incredibly supportive and pitched in a ton to help out.

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@ryanbigg this was my attempt at setting a good example, “be the change you seek” etc etc but I felt like it was more like my job was to serve as a warning to others

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Upgraded our buildkite agents from Ruby 2.4 to 2.5 today but not before I broke nearly everyone else’s builds in the process. GO ME

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Applications for
's Junior Engineering Program are open until _next_ Friday (the 14th of September). Apply here:

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PEBKAC: problem exists between kubernetes and container

Applications for the
Junior Engineering Program (Cohort #2) are now OPEN! Apply here:

PSA: Check your Rails app for `config.i18n.fallbacks = true`. If you're using I18n 1.1.0, this should be `config.i18n.fallbacks = [I18n.default_locale]`. If not, fallbacks will be broken in your app by I18n 1.1.0.

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He played the chords
The fourth, the fifth
The minor fall and the major lift
The baffled king composing Despacito

Enjoying the aha moments of writing / teaching. This morning’s one: it’s not easy to explain structs in Elixir if you don’t know 1) what an atom is and 2) how maps can have atoms as keys as well as strings.

This is stuff us regulars take for granted. It’s fun discovering these types of holes.

I've written books in DocBook, Markdown, AsciiDoc and now HTML/CSS.

Out of those, HTML/CSS has been my favourite because I get so much control over how the content renders to the page.

In this little example from Joy of Elixir I can choose to show what function "arm" would match a particular pattern. It's so great.

Wrote the first section for Chapter 11 for Joy of Elixir last night:

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