10 years ago I started using ad blockers because I thought ads were annoying. Now I think that's the _least_ important reason to use them.

I think we should call them "browser firewalls." That more accurately describes their purpose.

By popular request...
The Linux For Everyone podcast is coming to YouTube!

Get subbed if you'd like to consume it there!


Firefox asking for master password at startup
Solution: remove the study hotfix-update-xpi-signing-intermediate-bug* from about:studies


And Tiny Tiny RSS can generate public feeds for articles you tell it to. This means that, if people add my generated feed, I can recommend *any* article, whether the source is a direct RSS feed or something I've added from wallabag, and it will show up in their feed reader :thonking:

🤯 🤯

OpenPGP keyserver:
Publishing A Public Key via WKD (Web Key Directory) on your own website. Another reason to use email that uses your own domain.


TIL: VLC can stream over SFTP. Perfect for when I want to watch movies at home on my laptop from our fileserver. sftp://server:/path/to/file. Run from terminal to provide the proper ssh environment.

The Fedora Magazine published an awesome article about #KeePassXC and it's abilities.

It's an easy to use and cross-platform, offline password manager.

Check it yourself :)


#passwordSafe #security #infosec #keepass

Got to meet Steve Gibson when he was presenting his SQRL protocol in Irvine, and he brought stickers. 😁

Fun presentation, and learned some bits about the protocol I either missed or had forgotten. For those unfamiliar, highly recommend checking it out. It's the one technology I've seen that actually has the potential to replace passwords, and isn't encumbered by intellectual property garbage like patents.



Our new blog is officially here. Come read about why we left Medium and how we built a crazy fast, privacy-respecting blog just for you.


Reclaiming , by @yogthos 🔗 mastodon.social/users/yogthos/

Reclaiming RSS

To escape censorship by Big Social, all web sites and blogs should implement this one trick.

1969: I bet we will have flying cars in the future

2019: Coffee with DRM

So good!

Know Your Enemy (cover by Leo Moracchioli)
Original by Rage Against the Machine



Calling all infosec writers/journalists:

Inspired by the NSA propaganda posters released on April 17th of last year, I'd like to publish an e-zine featuring some modern infosec propaganda posters.

However, I'd like to also accompany these posters with some informative/educative publications relating to security and privacy, in light of the plethora of data breaches that occur almost weekly.

Timeline coming in a week or so, projected publication date (self-publish) would be late October.

Did you know that "git checkout -" works much like "cd -" and switches back and forth between two branches?

You're welcome.

For anyone who wants high-quality, open-source, self-hostable event coordination software, check out gath.io (repo at github.com/lowercasename/gathi).

It doesn't require an account, does everything with email and link-capability security, and autodeletes events 2 days after they're over, and it looks really beautiful.

No need to use Facebook for this anymore!

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