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Today at #InkscapeHackfest one of our most long-standing bugs was fixed and we can now have a top-left origin in documents! Thanks Thomas!

“What stands out most is the sheer beauty of OS. So much pixel-perfect care has gone into the desktop…”

Portucalio has came to existence days ago. I have now launched the companion blog and devoted a whole section/article regarding FLOSS in the hopes I can give something back.

Thank you!

#floss #libre #liberdade #inkscape #scribus #opensource #ode #thanks #linux #popos

Wow donating in support of scribus project proved to be be a mission impossible. No info on the subject anywhere, and no answer from the current main team via email. Please boost this so I can get any sort of help, thanks.

- couldn't access their webchat
- tried Reddit
- tried fb
- sent individual emails to each Dev. From the main team

Starfleet UX designers learned that if they didn't make some bridge consoles explode, captains would ignore damage until the shields failed.

When was a software project you loved rescued from commercial overloards due to its free license? (e.g. > LibreOffice) Need examples for a article. Thanks for responding and boosting.

Hey journalists, bloggers, press people, and anyone potentially interested in a revolutionary privacy centered computing experience: we now have a little press page at

Your donations have a real impact on our ability to host events like the upcoming #InkscapeHackfest in Kiel. Many thanks from all of our generous contributors!

Rebuilt the Inkscape stable snap to grab some security updates to dependent packages. Don't expect issues bug gonna test for today and then push to stable tonight. If you want to try it out and make sure it works for you:

$ sudo snap refresh --candidate inkscape

Tell me if you see something that broke!

#inkscape #snap #snapcraft #testing

Here is a recent product #animation we made using the powerful #B3D by @blender (with a logo redrawn in @inkscape Commercial work using tools available freely to *all*. #CreativeFreedom #FOSS #ArtWithOpenSource (

Don't miss the #System76 #BackToSchool computer sale ( ). The free notebook is awesome! We know because we helped create it (using only #FOSS, of course). 😉 #Scribus @inkscape

I had to deprecate Corebird from the Solus unstable repo today as a result of Twitter killing off their UserStream API ("retiring" it, in their words), officially tomorrow, thereby killing a plethora of third-party apps. So disappointed in the move by Twitter to do this, really enjoy Corebird as well as the numerous Android clients like Fenix and Talon.

I think it's about time I start promoting and encouraging people to switch to Mastodon, as well as starting to use it more heavily myself.

Hey students! Did you know you can attend the Libre Application Summit at a discount? Head on over to our website and save a few bucks on your ticket today. #libresoftware #opensource

It's official. We've rebranded our creative agency @freehive to align with our and values. I think it's pretty cool and unique. A little explainer here:

We just dropped #GoogleAnalytics for the #OpenSource #Matomo on ! If you're self hosting with a powerful tool like @cloudron (like we are) consider becoming a supporter:

Seriously. Sign up here:

Not only does your $ fund one of the largest instances and the default port of entry for refugees from the bad place - your money also funds development. So even if your instance is elsewhere - it is worth funding

At the moment it’s gettign < $50K per year funding. That’s peanuts.

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