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Ryan K Lindsay @ryanklindsay@mastodon.social

This Storyclock Notebook post about DIE HARD is just good brain food: plotdevices.co/blogs/blog/die-

I was also thinking that between PLANETARY and ASTONISHING X-MEN, Cassaday must rake in some decent coin each year.
Evergreen books are the dream, man.

I’m rereading PLANETARY and you could study the structure of each issue for days.
The way Ellis packs in so much, but leaves so much more out, only giving juuuust what you need.

I've just about hurdled the final drafts for these two #1 issues, and I could just about pass out from the effort it's been.
But then I'd just get up to celebrate.
And start in on .

I will still always think better in notebooks than documents.
I think it's like having a weird conversation with yourself, you can write on angles, ask yourself questions. All the things storybreaking requires of you.

Okay, onto Draft 6 of this beast. Let us do this.

Was there a Golden Girls episode called “Carte Blanche Devereaux”
If not, I shotgun using it for a title of a single comic issue.

Bringing this spacesuit revenge story about resistance to the people through Kickstarter and I think this is the best one-shot I've written so far! kickstarter.com/projects/rkl/s

I write a weekly newsletter about writing and what's in my brain constantly.
I think you'd dig it.

Anyone finding me here should know I'm a writer, a guy who thinks about writing [all writing] maybe too much, a husband/father, a nerd, and a guy who genuinely, though it won't always show in the right ways, cares.

We moved on from MySpace and found people again.
Work places, friendship groups, relationships, they all have a half-life. We live on.
Nobody has to believe anything on the web lasts forever, right?

Not gonna lie, the idea of burning the old platform down outta my life and starting fresh here doesn't feel like a worry - it's a new start.
I did not expect that vibe.