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Ryan K Lindsay @ryanklindsay

Bringing this spacesuit revenge story about resistance to the people through Kickstarter and I think this is the best one-shot I've written so far! kickstarter.com/projects/rkl/s

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I love the hook phrases you come up with. Antler noir is my favourite, but spacesuit revenge is pretty great.

@HEATcomic Can only hope the reading public agree :|

You seem to be doing pretty okay on that front, I don't think you've got too much to worry about there.

@HEATcomic I'll stop sweating when we make the funding goal.

@ryanklindsay isn't there quite a bit of time left still? I'm sure you'll make it.

Although, having just run a Kickstarter, I am fully aware of how little those assurances mean.

@ryanklindsay That's over half of it left to go! Mine too like 20 days to fund haha