Soooooo – I don't want to spoil this for everyone, but how is federation gonna work if is the only central hub where people will search for your known handle?

The benefit of a central platform like Twitter is that there can be no other @bascht accounts, once I registered and verified myself. Messages from @bascht and @bascht look indistinguishable to me:

@bascht @bascht I really think for this to work, mastodon/GNUsocial will need to become easily self hostable, like wordpress, then we will find people through their domains. *personal 2 cents*

@bascht @bascht @eylul much akin to Email. That's what I think of when I think of federated systems that work.

@ryanleesipes @bascht @bascht exactly! I really expect businesses or even those of us who maintain their blogs etc, to host their own instances if mastodon (and with it GNUsocial) really picks up. :) We do need one-click installs and managed hosting for it to get there through. This is too new. (this iteration at least) :)

@bascht @bascht @eylul well @elopio is working on snapping up so that folks hosting on Ubuntu can do "snap install Mastodon" and be done (may be a slight oversimplification). But that should make things a little easier.

@ryanleesipes @elopio @bascht @bascht I know I would attempt it if there is a snap (with good default configs) but I think down the line we really need managed hosting, like we do with wordpress etc. :)


@eylul @elopio @bascht @bascht yeah, maybe there is a business opportunity there! *hint* *hint* *nudge* *nudge*

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