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Ryan Sipes @ryanleesipes

@bashfulrobot @ikey liked that post. Very much reflects my feelings. A lot of negativity, given that folks are working on open source software, sometimes just for fun.

@ryanleesipes @ikey @bashfulrobot well this happens as soon as you become mainstream enough, people just come to the party to hate... just take a look at omgubuntu and the "This sucks ... I am an arch user" type of posts (for illustration purposes only, no offense intended against the arch populace)

@ryanleesipes @ikey @sergiusens it is one of those funny things. People need to (or should) develop people skills. Speaking specifically towards computing... tools, methods, ideas - they all have merit in their own ways. Some more than others, however, no need to bash. Especially considering it is very likely that most (not all) likely do not help in any capacity. Likely a consumer over a contributor.

@ryanleesipes @ikey @bashfulrobot sorry but I hate (trolololl 😇) ZSH, it's bash all the way here.

@ryanleesipes @ikey @sergiusens right, but I'm pretty sure you wouldn't smack someone upside the head for running zsh. :-)

@ryanleesipes @ikey @bashfulrobot to the contrary, I will defend your right to do the wrong thing if that is what is the path you seek 🙃

@ryanleesipes @ikey @sergiusens hey hey hey now... I never said I tasted the madness and run it.