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Ryan Sipes @ryanleesipes

So friends, been thinking about starting a podcast about projects and the desktop. What's missing from current content that you'd like to see?

I'd love to really get in the weeds with developers of projects. What else would be cool to hear?

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@ryanleesipes I think it would be cool to feature a new project every episode that is looking for contributors. talk about the project, its purpose, languages. it would be really great to hear about beginner friendly projects with tasks for newbies wanting to learn to code by doing.

@ryanleesipes this is a great idea. I would like to see the dev teach a small part about their project's code - like making a gnome extension. Would really like to see more women, POC, minorities interviewed.

@Jebel_Krong I like the teaching part, great idea!

@ryanleesipes there is room. but how to make different. had similar thoughts.

@ryanleesipes there are tons of subjects on the Linux Desktop

@ryanleesipes I always wondered, if it's about #Linux desktop, why not bring in some not techy guy/gal to see their first reaction... Like, idk... 'Grandma try Linux Mint' to see how suitable it is for first time users. Also, some windows/mac power users to see what they're missing. I think it could be usefull for DE devs.

@ryanleesipes I always liked FLOSS weekly where people could present their projects and dive into the details.

@ryanleesipes sarcasm, practical use cases, stories of adoption...to share some ideas

@ryanleesipes I don't think there's much of an issue with lack of content, just lack of communication. Most open-source problems are not novel, and neither are their solutions.

Most open-source issues come from reinventing the wheel without researching how the previous wheels were made.

@RyanLeesipes perhaps you could do hearings on open sourcing work places? Resistance to open source? Management issues? AFAIK these issues are only discussed when star Linux projects kick the bucket like Munich. But there are lots of other places that might be interesting to hear from.

@curtomil good idea! Could be a really neat avenue to go down!

@ryanleesipes I have been thinking on this. how to get involved in oss. potential mentoring. life balance. being productive, positive, respectful in oss. how to grow communities. basically becoming and being a good oss citizen.

@bashfulrobot @ryanleesipes that's one of the things we're thinking of as potential tracks on LAS GNOME - las.gnome.org/

@ryanleesipes @sri is an excellent topic. it's easy for me to bring up, since I am in that exact position. Where I'm just trying and starting to get involved. Only been recently starting out since Jan. consumer of oss to contributor. certain aspects can be a little overwhelming, and daunting in general. and at times not clear where to go. It's easy for people to respond with "write documentation.". but I personally feel that there is way more to it than that.

@bashfulrobot @ryanleesipes see our newcomer page - wiki.gnome.org/Newcomers - you can see how easy it is to get started hacking using that and GNOME Builder.

@sri @ryanleesipes That's a great and simple guide. I'll have to read up on it later. Stop making it easy to eat the world. ha ha.

@bashfulrobot @sri very cool! Looking forward to they conference. I plan on being there.