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Ryan Sipes @ryanleesipes@mastodon.social

Heading out to Linux Fest Northwest tomorrow. If you're in the area come see me at the booth. Or just hit me up on here and we can get a beer if you just want to hang out and talk and :)

Any of my dev friends interested in undertaking a project? Specifically a webapp for PR management? I have it all mapped out, but have a lot of holes in my knowledge when it comes to frameworks that would allow me to get going quickly. Need some mentorship.

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Got down to on my work account. Now for the personal accounts. I shouldn't have slacked, it always takes longer when you do that.

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It truly bums me out how many engineers end up at Google. This world could be so much more without advertising and advertising accessories.

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One instance provided invalid data to instances.mastodon.xyz/list โ€” we removed it from the graph and cleaned up the data โ€” sorry-about-the-inconvenience

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how do you learn new skills once you're older than a teen?

*lies on couch playing hearthstone on phone for 3 hours*

i used to be smarter

*wastes half of the day hate-skimming facebook*

there's not enough time when you're an "adult"

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Fun fact: The number of #mastodon users now exceeds the population of #iceland.

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Sitting here using the , hacking in Builder and watching The Sopranos on the couch. This is really awesome!!!

So friends, been thinking about starting a podcast about projects and the desktop. What's missing from current content that you'd like to see?

I'd love to really get in the weeds with developers of projects. What else would be cool to hear?

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Finished the first chapter of the book I'm working on. It's about community management and some of the lessons I've learned over the years. Excited to be making such good progress!

Hacked on some stuff today. Discussed developer onboarding, tutorials, and languages with @hergertme and some other folks. Now I have to decide between more coding, reading, or watching The Sopranos.

@Gargron can anyone put my name is for a remote follow? For instance, when I click on a username and it takes me to their nose and I put in my username to follow them. Is there any authentication that is supposed to happen there?