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Ryan Sipes @ryanleesipes

Heading out to Linux Fest Northwest tomorrow. If you're in the area come see me at the booth. Or just hit me up on here and we can get a beer if you just want to hang out and talk and :)

@sri thanks, I'll play around with all this in the evening and see what I can get rolling.

@sri Another noob question. Should I be using python2.7 since that is the default on Ubuntu, when I work with a project like CherryPy?

@sri no, an app that manages press releases and a press list.

So it would have a blog-type part of it, that shows all the press releases with the most recent "featured".

Would have a list of press, perhaps with groups you can put them in.

Finally it would have the ability to mail the press list with customized templates for groups or individuals.

Eventually a social media dashboard might be added. But right now I want to build a PR management app.

Any of my dev friends interested in undertaking a project? Specifically a webapp for PR management? I have it all mapped out, but have a lot of holes in my knowledge when it comes to frameworks that would allow me to get going quickly. Need some mentorship.

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Got down to on my work account. Now for the personal accounts. I shouldn't have slacked, it always takes longer when you do that.

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@sil @sergiusens I bet @hergertme could point you in the right direction!

@micahflee sounds like they need to get a life.

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@sil sounds like we have a volunteer! :P

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It truly bums me out how many engineers end up at Google. This world could be so much more without advertising and advertising accessories.

@Eris haha. I also do podcasts while bathing (well showering). Glad to know I'm not alone!

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@bashfulrobot @sri very cool! Looking forward to they conference. I plan on being there.