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gonna be moving at some point over to

i should have sent follow requests to all my current follows (or if not, it'll be done soon)

just to take some of the load off of .social a bit

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a beginner's guide to mastodon

-yes, what you knew as tweets are toots. it is funny, but we all already know. we still appreciate it but we know

-think of instances (like mastodon social) as being like a house. as a household you can interact with each other, and if someone's breaking the rules, they get thrown out

-instances pt.2 - you can interact across instances, just like you can shout down the road to your neighbors! i'm @ryanlittlefield but i also have and others!

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it occurs to me i haven't done a new yet

I like:

-beer/brewing beer
-prog metal / math rock / pop punk / lo-fi hip hop / some vapor
-fuckin' video games and shit
-pizza, mexican food, and wings
-board games
-having small parties with friends
-cool comics and books
-funny shit
-staying busy and occupied

I don't like

-doing laundry
-being at parties with tons of people
-big ol' meanies

wait does slack really not have night mode?????????????

gonna be moving at some point over to

i should have sent follow requests to all my current follows (or if not, it'll be done soon)

just to take some of the load off of .social a bit

alright done with pointing at my whiteboard

back to other things - i'm excited about the world of warcraft expansion tonight

new users click here pt. 2! 

for what it's worth, it's also worthwhile to think about placing things like food and alcohol in a CW - if there are users who may have experienced problems or disorders with these things, they may not want to see your food photo, no matter how delicious

new users please click here! 

btw, for people new to Mastodon, because it bears repeating - CW = content warning. To use it, click "CW" under a post you're making, and enter a label for the post.

common CWs/content warnings are for things like US politics, death, mental health (or mh), which is noted by positive (+) or negative (-), anything that people may not want to necessarily see as they're scrolling by. let people choose what to interact with, because you don't want certain content either.

not sure how it'd work with redundant CW tags though. that would probably be more of the challenge

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i wonder if, instead of hard filtering toots based on a keyword, you could have the toot auto-CW itself, with the keyword as the CW text

anyone in the area able to recommend a reputable good quality spa / relaxation day - type place? looking for a gift for a friend and i'm unfamiliar with the options.


oh and i'm going to have a phone interview for a potential new job today - neat. okay monday, i'm picking up what you're putting down

i woke up during a REM cycle today but i also finally managed to complete a defense grid level that was giving me trouble so maybe everything will be okay

my poor dog

i fed him this morning with his red food scoop like i always do but he wasn't paying attention

continues to not notice food is in the bowl - in i walk with my red coffee mug

dog thinks i'm just drinking his food at this point

i don't know why i put a pratchett book on my reading list this year

*wipes hand all the way down face, pulling down at the end*

i'm 20 pages in and just, *sigh*

i think i don't love the idea of instances based on hobbies or passions because then it feels like a contest or something. or people treat it that way.

that's why like a year ago i made a bunch of accounts and only use this one.

still wondering if there's another instance i'd like to join but my level of caring at this point is so low lol

sundays are for... playing video games about cooking apparently

played some cool-ass overcooked again tonight too. that game is good. almost done with it.

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