Developers: what are your thoughts on your individual app pages at Our goal is for you to have a straightforward, clean landing page for your app. What do you like? What could we do better?

@elementary this intrusive "open in native app" design pattern is garbage. If I go to the website to look at apps, I want to see the app pages in my web browser.

Fine to offer this as an option (an "Open in App Store" button) but to offer me a button to see more about an app, then serve me a modal having nothing to do with that, is busted.


@elementary this area of the app listing is problematic because it's not immediately clear to the user that they're reading content written by the app author, not by the app store.

The content directly below this is trusted text provided by the app store, but this is a text description written by the app author. Setting it in the same font size, background color, etc as trusted text leaves room for abuse.

@elementary the calls to action are weak. Up top, the call to action offered is "Get elementary OS" - not helpful. In my case, I'm already on Elementary. If I'm not on Elementary, it's not clear that I need to get it before I can install this app, so the CTA is a total bank shot.

Further down, we have another call to action: "Get it for $20 on AppCenter." Where's the "Open in App Center" button you were so pushy with before? There's literally no way provided to do what you ask.

@elementary let's talk more about the top of the page. The most distinctive thing is the screen shot, followed by the confusing CTA, then finally by the actual icon and title of the app on display.

That's the exact opposite order of what I care about as a user of the app store. I want to know:

* what is this app called?
* who is the author of the app?
* what does the app do?
* is it compatible with my computer?
* what does it look like?
* what does it cost?

...more or less in that order.

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