Check out Onboarding—our new app designed to improve the first-run experience and updates on elementary OS—and learn how it fits into an upcoming major update to the OS. Plus, dive deep into the iterative design process behind the scenes.

@elementary I look so much forward to that installer, and have sat with my fingers crossed for a long while now, that you will readd home encryption again

@RasmusLindegaard IMO home encryption is a trap & should not be offered by distros.

It's kinda like sites which use TLS for credit card transactions, but the page where you put in your credit card info is loaded over insecure http: all I have to do is inject my malicious javascript into that page: I don't have to break your TLS.

If I can tamper with your root fs & make your system send me your data, I don't need to break your home encryption. It's full disk encryption or nothing for me.

@ryanprior Full disk encryption then. You make a good point, guess i just never understood why encrypting / makes sense 🙃️👍️

@RasmusLindegaard elementary OS supports full-disk encryption today, and we are considering recommending it by default in the next major version. Details here:

@ryanprior Sure, this has not made it to the current installer though (unless i missed it's very recent release)

@ryanprior Well, at least in terms of being able to do full encrypt with custom partitioning. Or else i just never figured it out.

It does Irk me greatly to have a laptop that's not fully encrypted 😬️


@RasmusLindegaard that's the option that's available now, is to encrypt the full disk and use LVM. I don't recall what advanced options are there in terms of partitioning.

@ryanprior If you have several disks though, that's a pretty poor option imo 🤔️

@RasmusLindegaard I concede that's true. I just use one disk so I haven't hit that experience yet.

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