Happy Preaster!!

[just thought of that, incredibly proud; thank you and good night everyone]

🎶 Mamma Mia!
Message Failed to Send 🎶

Dreamt of a very cinematic ‘Forces of Heaven vs. Forces of Hell’ type battle, but my subconscious could not recall the word Demons so they were called Scrubs (genuinely, 100% true)

Pablo is short for PAul BLart: mall cOp

that phenomenon where you get into your car (or wherever) and your brain immediately dives back into the last song you were playing there 🧠

Infinity War, but when he snaps his fingers it deletes half of all emails ever sent

*sees ticket sales*
more like Avengers: Spendgame

Let he who is without sin cast the next Bond.

Avengers: Age of @Gargron
Avengers: -y War
Avengers: Townsendgame

empty pizza box straight tumbleweedin’ across the boulevard

“This isn’t even my final form!” I joke, filling out my taxes, nobody else in the room to ‘get that reference’

I’m at the Combination Guggenheim and Taco Bell

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the Age of Ultron, it was the Endgame of belief, it was the epoch of Infinity War: Avengers

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