Got a new electric lawn mower today which marks the last gas-powered piece of lawn and garden equipment replaced. With solar panels, I'm now counting it that the sun both grows and mows my lawn.

Next step, shrink the lawn

I am unreasonably excited to attempt (sort of ) donner kebobs tomorrow. Sourcing ground lamb was harder than expected

FWIW, I love Chinese Cooking Demystified and it's a fantastic watch for learning about regional techniques and ingredients

Kenji's latest book is also a great read (still cooking our way through it)

Just highlights how hard it is to source authentic ingredients in the States

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Every Chinese cooking video:

"You really cannot make this dish without [precise chinese term for incredibly local ingredient] but, if you can't source it, here's our video for the 47-week process for making your own version. It's not perfect, but close enough. You can also swap in day old rice seasoned with salt."

I only recently found out about Red Dwarf seasons after Return to Earth and yaddy yaddy yah Season 10 is kind of great

Whatever the button was, I'm now shilling for The Orville on Discord

Night 3 on the couch because of sick dog. He's lucky he's cute

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The is far from over. Cases are low but rising again. It takes many lines of defense to protect against . The of virus pandemic defense.

Vet appointment today. Pretty sure we're about to spend hundreds or dollars to be told the dog has allergies and is really, really picky

I genuinely don't understand the value of What3Words. In every use I can think of to use it, you have an internet-capable phone which gives you GPS coordinates that are more accurately than W3W. And their not proprietary

W3W can't be used for wayfinding: grids have no logical connection to each other

Just baffling

He stood on the dock, the gray water mirroring the shadowed mountains forming the lake
His bare shoulder, red and scored from the fight, dripped crimson in the mist
His hand trembled, breath steadied. The punctures on his neck seeped, the clock ticked
The hunter would find him soon to punish him for a choice others made. The transformation wasn't yet complete
As he dipped below the water he knew he'd found neither relieve nor freedom, only certainty of eternal sorrow

In-person team project delivery party tomorrow (outdoors, vaxed, etc) and so much food in my fridge. Wish I could've paid the bills as a cook

Browsing the About Us page for my university's Audits department and found a bad link. Patting myself on the back for not making an audit joke in the email I sent

Is this a safe place to say I'm kind of over the MCU and Star Wars?

The key to remembering lyrics from Third Eye Blind or Matchbox 20 is that it's all about the singer

Fucked up a job interview so bad they reposted the day after turning me down. Ouch

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