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Liberals think that God has given them high intellect, higher morals, highest pedestal then rest of mankind.

They are a confused lot who took Nehru's state policy of Non-alignment at personal level & marketed themselves as Liberals. It may work for a state but nt for individuals.

When Bush Jr. said either u are with us or against us. Being neutral made sense @ that time. Now is not d time to be neutral. Either ur with Sanghis or against them. You can't ride in two boats

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"When you stare into the abyss,
Modiji stares back at you."

~ Modern Indian Proveb

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Sidrah @SidrahDP
In July 2016, 664 people sustained pellet injuries in one or both eyes in .
(Greater Kashmir- 01092016)

What explains this assault to an entire people, robbing them of their sight and their dignity?

Kashmir has never been normal.
Not for 108 days.
Not for decades.

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Libbus: Living on the edge 💣 & not falling off 🤳

Unapologetic Muslim🧕: Living on the edge & not falling off, is no big deal, Allah holds everybody.

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If you want Allah to favour you, favour the needy

Libbus: Living on the edge 💣 & not falling off 🤳

Unapologetic Muslim🧕: Living on the edge & not falling off, is no big deal, Allah holds everybody.

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Those who believe that Ph.D. students aged 28–30 years are burdened with tax money should take a look at the average age of completing PhDs in countries with the world's most developed education systems. Those who have been filled in the mind,that by the age of 20,Dhanna Seth's robot-slavery is enough to study,India is a laggard in research because of illiterate clunky policymakers like him,and there is not a single university among the top 200 universities in the world.

This is Laxmi Dubey. She has huge fan following & the only reason for that is she creates soundtrack filled with hate against Muslims. Her goal in life is to recruit foot soldiers for creating Hindu Rashtra.

India’s Soundtrack of Hate, With a Pop Sheen

Suggestion 2 Sanghis

ASI cld nvr prove where Ram ws born nor any1 else can. Ur faith on birth of Ram at exact spot is based on a criminal act of 1949 when Ram idols wr placed beneath dome.

Don't build temple at a place where Ram was not born.

*Koi tumhari firki le raha hai.

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@goldenarcher @ikaveri

Serves fools who think saffron is holy, right!

My son, as a 4-year old, once prayed to a hand pump inside the RK Puram Ayyappa temple. He was merely following his mom, who was praying to each deity!

He got many indulgent smiles that day!

Today, the wife continues to be a staunch believer, I continue to be agnostic, while junior has turned atheist. We are a reasonably happy family!!

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"My way of the high way" kills your long-term relations in a couple of minutes.

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Kashmir a part of Jammu & Kashmir with around 1 million people have been put down under a communication blockade by India. It has been 100 days and since August 5th the Internet has been shut down. The people in the worlds largest democracy are not allowed to dissent. The world needs to talk more about Kashmir as we Indians have failed them.

Bring back the troops India, you can’t cage people under gun point

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In modern, capitalist India, the old Feudal Petty Bourgeois Middle Class Hindu mentality is so strange and contrary to the world standard.

In India any kind of expertise that involves working with your hands or even labouring by yourself is considered lowly work.

More respect is given to those who "talk" about work than doing it.

Muslims large heartedness costed them Babri Masjid. In 19th century they let Hindus to pray inside an existing masjid&chabutra ws made. Again in 1949 wen Idols wr placed inside Masjid, they didn't file any petition to hand over masjid until 1961.
No leeway shldnt b gvn 2 Sanghis

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Owaisi made a very valid point. What if the mosque was never demolished. The land was still disputed. Then, would the SC have ordered demolishment of a structure? A 16th century heritage site?

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SC found 1949 idol installation and 1992 mosque demolition illegal – yet it paved way for a temple

Two illegal acts by Hindutva mobs paved the way for the Hindu side to win the case. via @Scroll

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Last line is basically a sugar coated version of "in praise of Brahminism", init?

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What's needed is for the Muslim working class youth to get off their Bikes, Bollywood, and Blissful unawareness now and get strongly political.

Read, Study, Educate, Organise and Agitate.

Radicalize and Revolutionise.

The alternative is annihilation...

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According to Sikdar, a senior advocate, “That day, a message was sent to the members, that if you want to keep the job, you must declare more people as foreigners.”

Sagar reports:

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My father's comment on the verdict.

"Galat toh hua but kuch kar nahi sakte. Darr bahot hai logo mein."

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