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Melbournians here's your reminder that the NGV still contracts Wilson security, and excludes local artists and art organisations who raise the issue.

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Hey! Nice article. I'd never heard of Secret Paths to Your Dreams before, but I'm keen to track it down now!

Have lots of vet bills coming, but want to buy a drum machine ... ... if I end up with Christmas money ... ... ... ... ... ...

Feeling kinda nostalgic for real sharp Rolandy sounds. I think 'cause HTRK did a gig, and seeing them play amap was a big part of beautiful wild distant times.

Thing that always got me about gamespeople so happily aligning with terms like alt- and indie- is how it seems to demonstrate a lack of engagement in other mediums. 'Cause those words have no credibility in music or art. They're just signs for corporate imposterising.

Someone shared some Twitter post elsewhere, so it's on my mind again.

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Can you imagine how many emoji there are in the pokemon universe

if you're not in Footscray right now you're missing some great house covers of Christmas songs.

I'm playing Pro Evo on my telephone and one of the English commentators keeps saying 'TOO MUCH FLESH AND BONE IN HIS PATH'.

Saying g'bye to my first Linux install and doing a nice fresh one. Wish me luck~♥

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Just got back from a good zine reading thing. Sam Crisp wrote a good essay on the latest Jake Clover game. Spoke about technical things like the order things get rendered, and the poetics in that. VERY GOOD.

I only drank three beers. VERY GOOD BOY.

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It's Glorious Trainwrecks Sekret Santa time!!!

New people always welcomed!!!

The deal is: you make a list of things you might like in a game, then someone'll make you something, and you'll make someone something, and all the games are great and beautiful.


@ryliejamesthomas Thinking about it more though I'd probably just go with gamemaking.whatever. Mastoid seems to be pretty whatevergames dominated, and who am I to tell people what words to use.

Wanna run a little server here next year, so if someone hasn't done it by then I'll host it.

Walked in the heat along the river.
Brimming with power.
Deleted Pocket Camp.