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Hi! I'm an artist from Australia, mostly making stuff online. I need lots of breaks to hang-out with my cat + check on things in the garden. I make games under the name 'Blueberry Soft'.

I will reorganise your files / records / cutlery / wiki / whatever if you let me :3

I get very excited about helping people, then half-way through realise I'm not actually being helpful. Sorry in advance!

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Lastly, abusive toxic bigots don't stop chatting shit out their mouths and poof into the air.

These people haves jobs and lives and family, too.

They can affect another person's livelihood systematically all bc they are driven by their bigotry.

You think they only come on here and do their lil jibber jabber, rub it out and go to bed in a onesie??>

Nah, they're failing students, they're attack ppl on the street, too...they're denying housing, they represent your state.

get it together

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I need a way to change the default skin color of my system emoji

PSA: if you miss being able to get at Slack via IRC Weechat + wee-slack still works :)

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#ForkOff / Meta Federation / Very Rough Draft Specification Show more

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I decided to make a mastodon bot in the spirit of, for reporting and sharing reports of fare controllers on the Berlin transit system. It crossposts tweets from @ber_ohne_ticket too, so masto users without twitter can still see those reports. Currently the bot is not yet deployed but it will be soon. You can follow now at:


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Why is the dadification of games still ongoing when mums are just sitting there like wtf bros can you push a whole human through ur funpipe no then sit the fuck down

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Can anyone point me toward policy or procedure documents that emphasize harm reduction when running a community space and dealing with authority figures?

For example, policy for calling/not calling the police, what to do if ICE agents walk into your space, etc

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tech bros: you know that thing you know and love? well what if you had to pay a monthly free for it and had to use a smartphone now?

When's someone gunna start an instance though—

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Part of the reason the default has been fine for me is that I feel totally overwhelmed by the choice of instances.

I don't fit enough of the stereotypes (I'm not a witch or an anarchist or a techie or anything!) to have any idea where I'd fit in.

I am queer though and I'm discovering lately that my tolerance for cisheteronormativity is GONE. I'm disabled and would love to hear from more disabled mastonauts.

I will probably do nothing about this now but if you have suggestions I'm up for them!

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Back in the Chicagoland area.
Some of my work will include exploring and relearning about my home city and area.
An excerpt of my latest short film, documenting my mother's garden. Audio is from a visit to Tibes, Ponce, Puerto Rico.
Lo dedico a Rima.


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I'm thinking about using crowdfunding and or patreon to fund my films that require travel, a bit more gear, paying others, etc.

Any #artists or #filmmakers on here have experience with this?

Back in the USA, and I'm still unfamiliar with how grants for the arts work. So in the meantime...

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The whole #ForkOff situation just shows that "IT'S DECENTRALISED~~~" is not nearly enough to make a social network "safe" or "inclusive"

hell most of the time it's code for "we think about code more than we think about people, who cares about moderation, FREE SPEECH FOREVER oh also we're all white dudes surprise"

But I was harassed to hell my first DAY on Mastodon for about a week or so & Gargon thinks "DM Deray" = "Black Lives Matter activism" so *shrug*

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transphobia; #forkoff Show more

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