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Fun idea- boost this toot and I'll attempt draw your profile picture

@ryliejamesthomas Uh this was a kinda coab with revengeofthesunfish.com geeza i should mention

omg i just found out about evilwm. it's so pretty. but not tiling.

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hi everybody. I'm making another donations post because we need help badly. decky and I have been living off of donations for food, bills, etc, and will have to continue doing so until one of us gets stable employment. which is difficult because of our bad mental health, which has been slow going to find help for.

in the meantime, you can donate to us through here: skirtdingo.neocities.org/donat

also, if you're on twitter, you can share this twitter.com/crystalmammoth/sta

please boost!

Been working on my Gopher page :D

If you have a browser that can deal with it (Lynx, for example):

Otherwise you can use Floodgap:

My current life goal is to fill my Animal Crossing town with cats. Currently 3/8 (maximum villager count is 10). Said good-bye to Freckles the other day, which made me a bit 😿

Wow Tux Paint on Android rules

I've been housesitting with three alpacas :D

Been visiting some BBSes today. Never had the equipment or $$ or knowledge to do it back in the day.

Working on my Tilde a little, but its been perfect Spring cleaning weather :) so haven't been computing much.
Tilde.town's a fun way to keep an SSH and Vim habit. I recommend strongly!

lifehack: invite some friends over when it's almost time to change the toilet roll.

lifehack: replace all bread with raisin bread.

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welcome new users!!! lucidiot, rjt, slash, magerquark, zerocool, lee

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who spent saturday evening putting grace jones in a wrestling game

it was me i did it


Kinda apologies for the desktop pic, but I'm pretty happy with where I have i3 now. Just wanna do some more stuff with i3blocks mostly. mastodon.social/media/81zCWzod

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