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Hi! I'm an artist from Australia, mostly making stuff online. I need lots of breaks to hang-out with my cat + check on things in the garden. I make games under the name 'Blueberry Soft'.

I will reorganise your files / records / cutlery / wiki / whatever if you let me :3

I get very excited about helping people, then half-way through realise I'm not actually being helpful. Sorry in advance!

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I've been drawing animal crossing comics.

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Hey guys, what's a good #peertube instance for general digital media like game dev and speedpaints with a touch of animatics

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Just found a note to remind myself to track down this raucous version of Change Gonna Come that was playing in a pub the other day, but Youtube aint helping :(

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I keep forgetting to mention it b/c I'm Tired, but in the #ForkTogether discord I proposed a work group called the Communication & Community Skills Learning Group, for helping educate folks on issues of prejudice & conflict resolution. Surprisingly to me the group Kinda Exists now, unwieldy name & all, & has a wiki page:

it's not a big or organised group though, mainly me slowly adding links to a page, so if you have any interest, resources or ideas please get in touch💕​

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:acnl_blush: :acnl_chilling: :acnl_clap: :acnl_crying: :acnl_ddream: :acnl_disbelief: :acnl_distress: :acnl_fear: :acnl_grumpy: :acnl_heart: :acnl_heartbreak: :acnl_hmmm: :acnl_idea: :acnl_joy: :acnl_lol: :acnl_nods: :acnl_proud: :acnl_sad: :acnl_sheepish: :acnl_shock: :acnl_showy: :acnl_shrug: :acnl_shrunk: :acnl_shy: :acnl_sigh: :acnl_singing: :acnl_sleepy: :acnl_smh: :acnl_smile: :acnl_sneeze: :acnl_sunny: :acnl_surprised: :acnl_tada: THERE AREN'T ENOUGH CHARACTERS TO FIT THEM ALL

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We're also still working on the code of conduct, which you can find at and discussing what the future infrastructure for the #forkoff project should look like (general consensus seems to be open source as much as possible, but we haven't worked out exactly what will fit our needs yet)

So if you'd like to help with either of those, please do! The discord is at:

& you can message @woozle or @ryliejamesthomas for an account on the wiki

Half-asleep thought—

Bring back Miiverse's 'Yeah!'s.

(Or maybe use 'Woo!', as in 'awoo'.)

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I made a new bot.

It's inspired by @CyberEveryword on Twitter.

It toots out an english word prefixed with CYBRE in the hacker emojis every 2 hours.

You can follow it here:

Source here:

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Does anyone have a Discord Bot that can Toot?

Alt also pull in predetermined hashtags?

#ForkTogether #ForkOffTogether

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I trained a neural network to invent new names for nail polish. Some of them are very strange indeed.

Keep forgetting this, but I want to recommend Hannah Gadsby's special that's on Netflix, if you have access to it. Dunno if it's on non-Australian ones.

It needs to come with some content warnings though. It's put up as a comedy thing, but there's heavy talk about sexual assault and sexual assault of children, PTSD, anxiety, depression. She's not making jokes about this stuff. Generally it's heartbreaking and really draining, so I definitely don't recommended it if you're not feeling great.

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only a few dollars away from reaching the 4th shrine maiden goal! Once reached, I'll created another unique shrine maiden for Aftertile✌️✨

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Please help

Someone just stole my bag in Paris with my only estradiol

Does anyone here have estradiol or anything they could share with me???

I’m in a total panic

Please help please retoot

Thank you so much

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just refilled the queue on my 80s jpop screenshot tumblr after neglecting it for, uh, 8 months. so it's guaranteed to be active for a while anyway.

i'm actually quite proud of these screenshots, as pathetic as it is.

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Okay, I made a Below the Surface bot.

It takes a random object from Below the Surface ( and toots it every 2 hours along with it's generated title and a link to it on the site.

There are 20,000 objects, so it'll take the bot about 4.67 years to run out of objects 😂

You can follow it here:

Source here:

#bot #bots

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