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Hi! I'm an artist from Australia, mostly making stuff online. I need lots of breaks to hang-out with my cat + check on things in the garden. I make games under the name 'Blueberry Soft'.

I will reorganise your files / records / cutlery / wiki / whatever if you let me :3

I get very excited about helping people, then half-way through realise I'm not actually being helpful. Sorry in advance!

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Aight I'm at babycastles in time for wordhack. Follow @LogicalDash for livetoots

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Winner will receive by snail mail a set of pixel art Soft Hugs Stickers!
RT to enter! Winner announced on Jan 20th!

PS: Don't know who Soft Hugs are? Watch the MV: youtube.com/watch?v=KBf7npqVvX


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hello mastodon, i released my first LP the other day. if you like electronic music and you like seeing trans women succeed then please listen and share it with your friends! every purchase helps me and my wife pay our bills.

eight pieces of minimalist meditation and transfeminine noisemagic



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What is the best translating extension, that is compatible with 57? I want it to behave like Google Translate extension on chrome, so that when I highlight a word, it's automatically translated and I can listen to pronunciation

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Wow, how'd I never heard of computerbank.org.au before. Recycled computers and parts for super cheap if you have a concession card in West Melbourne. Like desktops with Ubuntu between $40—140.

Now I don't have to panic so much when this lappy dies one day :D

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Hmm. Anyone have any suggestions for good primers on knowledge representation? I have a relatively complicated web of knowledge I want to write up for my games procedural generators and feel my current methods leave something to be desired. :/

Frank Lovace from Primitive Calculators died :(

I hope this isn't the start of another 2017 bullshit pile of deaths again.


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qotd: "hypermedia is the revenge of text upon television"

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Alright, I have a few hours to kill and I want to join a BBS.

I'm looking for a telnet BBS that meets the following criteria:

- Fun!
- Weird!
- Friendly!
- Has Games!
- Isn't Stodgy!
- Can be accessed from iOS or Android, on a phone or tablet, if possible!
- Will continue to be online for several years.
- Will likely work from at least some of the mishmash of 8 and 16 bit computers I am currently trying to talk the lady in to letting me order.

Do you have any suggestions?

Oooo 2017 Letterboxd stats are out. 84 films watched, 126 hours worth. My most-watched actor is Yoshio Harada, and most watched director is Seijun Suzuki.

I don't know who Harada even is whoops. I never remember actors. Looks like he's in lots of things cool though. Even Drawing Restraint 9.

I think in '16 it was Tom Cruise :3

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I trained a neural network on a list of deleted Wikipedia titles. Not sure who is weirder this time, neural net or humans. aiweirdness.com/post/169309161

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Hey here's s thing: If you're making a rad videogame making tool but can't afford a website hmu and i can host it for you, plus give you a whatever.gamemaking.tools subdomain :)

Feel free to share this message!

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linux pleading Show more

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OK, I think I finally have a good version of my #gopher server which serves a wiki as a gopher site and allows people to edit pages. Of course no gopher client currently supports that, but this page now shows how to achieve that using nc, for example.