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Hi! I'm an artist from Australia, mostly making stuff online. I need lots of breaks to hang-out with my cat + check on things in the garden. I make games under the name 'Blueberry Soft'.

I will reorganise your files / records / cutlery / wiki / whatever if you let me :3

I get very excited about helping people, then half-way through realise I'm not actually being helpful. Sorry in advance!

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This-month-I-learnt: when software developers use 'μ' rhey mean 'micro' not 'mu'. And that they even have separate unicode characters (one Greek, one in Latin), but one's kinda a backup.

I've been calling things mu-x for years D-:

PSA: Two/three letter abbreviations of a city or state with the word "pol" attached is not a clear enough content warning for anybody outside your country, or sometimes your local area.
Please spare the extra characters to spell things out.

Words containing 'meow':
Meow, meowed, meowing, meows, homeowner.

There was a CHAI story just now on the ABC?? Got excited, thought they were coming here :(

"Why do you have a diary?"

"To keep secrets from my computer."

aaaaaaarg i knew about Firefox removing RSS stuffs, but they also removed being able to manually add your own browser-based readers as a subscription doodad with browser.contentHandlers.types 😤

I made a ClassicsOfGame bot :D


Ideally I'll make it grab the video, shrink it under 4MB, and post that too—but for now I'm happy.

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"Designing for cognitive differences" by Brandon Gregory, on "A List Apart"

The author, who is bipolar himself, writes about how to design websites for people who struggle with losing focus, anxiety, and depression.

I might need some helps on Gitlab to manage/close issues. If some people knowing well the app and gitlab are OK for helping me on that point? No technical knowledge are needed. Thanks.

Hi all! I'm a trans woman and PhD student in linguistics at Stanford working on a project about voice feminization, one that I think might make a big splash. If you have feminized your voice, I would love to speak with you about the possibility of participating! You can reach me here or at Thanks!

Ok I think I have the skeleton of my site ready!! I will make it more stylish and move my blog posts over as I have time :) oh I love it

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