Dang, Pro Evolution Soccer for the PS2 supports up to eight players with two multitaps, didn't even know that was possible

@noiob pretty sure every multitap having system does this actually!

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@noiob Always wonder what it'd be like to have no cpu players, except i guess the keepers. I don't rember if you can shrink the team size though?

@ryliejamesthomas it should even be possible to do 11v11 in an online multiplayer game, would definitely be interesting

@ryliejamesthomas yeah, from the PSX onward that seems to be the standard (even though few games actually utilize it), the various NES and SNES mutlitaps don't seem to have been uses that way though

@noiob hmmm. snes can do it (Street Racer does 8 player split screen iirc), so can pcengine i think.

@ryliejamesthomas I'm going off Wikipedia here, which mentions a lot of third-party multitaps which only work in some games

@noiob Hmm. Looks like I'm misrembering and only PSX Street Racer is 8 players.

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