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Mega Tootoid

I think I'm going to make paintings of GitHub profile photos. Mans have such strange ones. I'm trying to understand them. I should look-up shitty blog posts in 'how to present yourself on GitHub' or something. They're so strange.

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I think I may have been subconsciously trying to fit in with mine

@SpindleyQ Nah, yours is sweet. Some guys look like they're trying have sex on me or they're some kinda champion.

@ryliejamesthomas ok but I definitely also used that same picture in an OKcupid profile tho

Like, I only had one well of "I need some nice photos of myself looking cool" pictures to draw from

Which is still a step up from "close-up of me staring awkwardly into webcam in a featureless room" or "south park avatar maker" I guess

@ryliejamesthomas I had big plans! I wish I'd built something with it besides that Trapped In The Closet thing. I doubt the YouTube API I was using is even a thing anymore.