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Might be time for an altgames instance. I just want it to be called almost anything but that. But still weed out the hashtaggamedevs.

Mega Tootoid @ryliejamesthomas

@ryliejamesthomas Thinking about it more though I'd probably just go with gamemaking.whatever. Mastoid seems to be pretty whatevergames dominated, and who am I to tell people what words to use.

Wanna run a little server here next year, so if someone hasn't done it by then I'll host it.

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@ryliejamesthomas if you're interested, is mostly (at least from my perspective) alternative/experimental tabletop games

@Tulpa Hmmm. Interesting. Didn't know about that one. It'd be cool to get some intermedium chats going on.

One weird problem is that I always feel awkward when I play games (videogames too, except Videoball~) with people. Like I'd rather just drink and talk if there are more than two of us.

I do like following and reading about boardgames though.

This I might make a lurker/test account.