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Mega Tootoid

Wow, how'd I never heard of before. Recycled computers and parts for super cheap if you have a concession card in West Melbourne. Like desktops with Ubuntu between $40—140.

Now I don't have to panic so much when this lappy dies one day :D

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@ryliejamesthomas Why I haven't I heard about this?

It'll be so useful for a lot of clients. And poor students at my uni.

@PinkCathodeCat Yeah, my immediate thought was that this could be helping so many more people.

I was trying to research somewhere similar I remembered hearing of ages ago, in I think Coburg, and this popped up.

There are a few community type places, but nothing this scale that I know of.

@ryliejamesthomas I'd contemplate volunteering for them if I am unsuccessful in my internship prospects.