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I've been drawing animal crossing comics.

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Hey guys, what's a good #peertube instance for general digital media like game dev and speedpaints with a touch of animatics

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essay on the future of the Internet Show more

Just found a note to remind myself to track down this raucous version of Change Gonna Come that was playing in a pub the other day, but Youtube aint helping :(

@blankideogram Sorry ro hear that. The fucking power landlords have—

@paralithode Really appreciate the work you're doing on that page btw :D

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I keep forgetting to mention it b/c I'm Tired, but in the #ForkTogether discord I proposed a work group called the Communication & Community Skills Learning Group, for helping educate folks on issues of prejudice & conflict resolution. Surprisingly to me the group Kinda Exists now, unwieldy name & all, & has a wiki page:

it's not a big or organised group though, mainly me slowly adding links to a page, so if you have any interest, resources or ideas please get in touch💕​

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:acnl_blush: :acnl_chilling: :acnl_clap: :acnl_crying: :acnl_ddream: :acnl_disbelief: :acnl_distress: :acnl_fear: :acnl_grumpy: :acnl_heart: :acnl_heartbreak: :acnl_hmmm: :acnl_idea: :acnl_joy: :acnl_lol: :acnl_nods: :acnl_proud: :acnl_sad: :acnl_sheepish: :acnl_shock: :acnl_showy: :acnl_shrug: :acnl_shrunk: :acnl_shy: :acnl_sigh: :acnl_singing: :acnl_sleepy: :acnl_smh: :acnl_smile: :acnl_sneeze: :acnl_sunny: :acnl_surprised: :acnl_tada: THERE AREN'T ENOUGH CHARACTERS TO FIT THEM ALL

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We're also still working on the code of conduct, which you can find at and discussing what the future infrastructure for the #forkoff project should look like (general consensus seems to be open source as much as possible, but we haven't worked out exactly what will fit our needs yet)

So if you'd like to help with either of those, please do! The discord is at:

& you can message @woozle or @ryliejamesthomas for an account on the wiki

Half-asleep thought—

Bring back Miiverse's 'Yeah!'s.

(Or maybe use 'Woo!', as in 'awoo'.)

@unascribed It's very useful if you want to, say, fry something a bit then put it in the oven to cook through though. Professional gear is all metal.