📣 OKAY moving over to @rjt 📣

So please excuse any new follow requests, and of course no need to reaccept :)

I'll keep this up for a week, then delete my .social account

@fanfi I used to go to one where we had a tea break in the middle 🍰

@fanfi I have no idea :( That's why I would never start one :(

But fwiw you totally are good enough.

When I went to one it wasn't like show-and-tell or anything, you just drew and talking, didn't have to show people.

Another, less full-on, thing you could do that I shoulda thought of is go to a life drawing thing if you can afford it. Personally I prefer ones that aren't classes but where people just go and do whatever.

@fanfi start a little casual drawing club? just a bunch of people chatting and doodling in a local cafe or pub. make a poster, put it in the venue and other pkaces you like.

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hey folks, can we get some attention on this Mastodon accessibility issue?

[Accessibility] Hovertext for image descriptions is insufficient #8237


As it stands now, captioned/described images in Mastodon are useless on devices that can't trigger "on-hover" like a smartphone with a touch screen.


@belljar yeah, def. there're some issues about it on the masto github.

@belljar not that i know of, but some phone clients support it, and there's a web thing called Mastview at unmung.com/mastoview?url=&loca

i made a list of the best thirty movies i watched (for the first time) in 2018! benjaminwil.info/weblog/2018-f

To start 2019 off with a bang of sorts - I made 18 (!) FOI requests with ease thanks to @RightToKnowAu@twitter.com batch requests.

Last year fed govt departments freedom of information log documents have been starting to go 'missing' so I'm writing an ongoing story medium.com/@posty/federal-free

@juh @szbalint @kensanata @PresGas yeah, and the overlap of people who disable tracking and use rss is surely pretty big?

A pair of Welcome Swallows have taken up residence in my carport. This morning, I saw two gaping maws emerge from the nest.

Shopping for mens glasses is basically deciding which of 20 types of asshole you want to look like.

were there ever any character sets that were wider than they are tall? stardard dos char set is 12x16, which makes sense, because you want to fit more words across the width of the screen, but what if I want to make animorphic ANSI art. WHAT IF.

@pixl this is ... i didn't know ... this could happen ... i want to hear lottie ... i

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