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@yuurai Yeah, just a separate account for each one. Only tricky thing is if you want multiple accounts on the same instance, 'cause you'll need separate email addresses.

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Hihi Masto! Curious to see if there are any #retro #gamedev folks on here. Even if you haven't done any real dev work and are just interested in old hardware, let's be friends! Maybe form a small community too?

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Pictured: Some of the engine stuff I've been working on.

@webinista There's a tag that might help.. maybe it's not pluralised. I can look them up in my book later if you need :)

Uggggggh. Got mugged last night.

Phone's the only thing I lost. Have a cut on my jaw, but otherwise I'm fine.

Making me glad I don't keep too much important stuff on my phone, but if anyone's got a Linux TOTP program recommendation that'd be super handy today.

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Releasing KritaToot (0.1alpha) for Krita 4.0.0.

Post images on Mastodon from Krita.



posted with KritaToot

#mastodon #toot #krita #mastoart #artist #art #opensource #python #plugin

Someone please enforce a standard for laptop power buttons that can't be pressed by cats >:(

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@tante A resurrected black (political) power movement. I say that half jokingly, but the sight of black people with guns is surprisingly effective at mobilizing white Americans' political power in favor of gun control.

Killing children didn't mobilize us. Attacks on congress members didn't mobilize Congress. The mass murder of white Americans by a white American man didn't do it.

Fear of black insurrection would.

@mattbutnot I can get the vline. Coming from Footscray, so it's easy peasy. Not sure I can during the weekend, but I'll keep you posted!

@mattbutnot I think I only have one roller and tray, but there should be enough paint round here.

I have to take the cat to the vet about now, but did you wanna do it later today?

@mattbutnot Don't know the area, but if it's not too far from the train stations then i'm fine :)

@mattbutnot That's easy enough for me to get to! (sorry if it said it on twitter, they're real csnny about not loading the site on mobile unless you have an account 🏚)

@mattbutnot Me maybe! What suburb's it in, I haven't seen it?