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Maybe I'll just turn my old Tumblrs into purely RSS feeds? Like that seems perfect?

PSA for Asthmatic #Melbourne folk: There is a fire in West Footscray at a woolshed.

Make sure you keep your puffer with you and try and stay inside if you can 💚

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whats a good way to slurp files off of my ext4 linux partition on windows? i don't really wanna install a whole ass program for it A NES emulator that builds up an image of the game, as you play it

This is a depiction of Jesus on a ‘Trans Pride Flag’ from 1000 years ago I snapped a picture of (was strictly prohibited) at the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin Ireland.

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Every few months I'm painfully reminded that Linux is free as in "free puppy" - adopt once, clean up shit forever.

Here's a picture of a saucey looking Jesus from a place I steamcleaned today.

I recently set up a webshop for my zines and prints

Hey so I haven't mastoposted about this before but me, Christine Love (Analogue, Ladykiller in a Bind) and Miguel Sternberg (They Bleed Pixels, Russian Subway Dogs) do a game-designers-play-games-and-do-commentary stream. It's tonight, 8 EST at

Tonight we're running JP only SNES games: Wonder Project J, a weird old sim where Pinnochio is a robot and the blue fairy is violent?? … and a young Aonuma (the Ocarina of Time director) making a kids-summer-vacation sim.

It's a Friday night & I'm considering the materials & needs for a documentary I'm going to be shooting w the *AMAZING* @RebelleCunt !! Our film will be about the work she does with the most marginalized & erased voices within #sexwork.

We committed to making the best & most honest art we can. If you would like to support us during pre-production you can donate (w a note: prepoduction) to help us get on our way!! Thank you!!


@symmetra Welcome to the herd! (You might not have noticed it's a herd because... well, you know how cats are about being herded.)

Have a cat directory, to help locate the others:

i think this bot might be pretty good

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