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"This is 'Keys'. She keeps putting her paws in the air and nobody knows why." -

I don’t think we talk enough about how mental illness is defined, under capital, almost entirely by one’s potential productivity.

Ok this is a pretty good video of Mexie comparing the UBI and the Lifelong wage (Salaire à vie). It is pretty good at describing the contradictions of UBI and giving a soft introduction to the lifelong wage.

This is the first time I see someone talk about the lifelong wage outside of France, this is a very good thing!

I've just updated the archive viewer to let people use it without needing python!

You can get both the html+javascript or python version here:

Before I ask the glorious hivemind of Super Dimensional Fortress, I ask here for any useful #gopher cgi-bin scripts a beginner can use for her #phlog: conversion to #RSS feed, guestbook, etc.

Trying to move my tiny-game dev environment completely to a mobility-based solution. So far, I ordered the Lenovo Tab 4 10" (with extra case) and bluetooth keyboard, plus stylus. #TIC-80 has an android build but #Pico-8 does NOT. Anyone know how to set up dual-booting to something like Mint (besides, I actually hate mobile OSes).

Basically, I want to shove it all with a power brick into a bag and dev anywhere no fuss.
#pico8 #GameDesign #tic80

can australian tv shows stop making asian actors put on accents and actually cast them as australians maybe ta thanks.

There is now a "clear previous aliases" button on Steam. Useful if you need to remove your deadname or gendered names from the list.

americans are asleep. make posts with reasonable date formats and units of measurement

if you're dual posting to twitter and masto that is great just be careful you don't end up like Persephone with the pomegranate seeds and the having to return to hades 3 months out of the year

At Centrelunk today I noticed I was wearing the same blue as the carpet and the same green as the chairs. Not sure what this means yet.

Is there some way to get vim into Android Studio? I feel like I’m banging rocks together in an attempt to manipulate text.

The opposite of compact mode: Impact mode. Experience every toot immersively, one at a time.

Messing with customisng CSS for my instance but I always get frustrated with pro web dev CSS >:|


Also the box with the instance stats is labelled 'call to action'.
A that's some corporate bullshit term,
B that's not a 'call to action' anyway :/

Can anyone recommend a good CCNA Security study guide? Apparently the Cisco Press one doesn't cover the material on the exam and I'd like a reference guide that I can use to prep for my exam.

I’m looking at raising money for a community dump of a rare Mac game, please DM me if you’re interested in contributing.

LIVE IN MINUTES: The Great Debate, Katamari Damacy vs. We ❤️ Katamari with , , &

Pls help
Amigos, preciso que alguien adopte a Hela, aunque sea un hogar transitorio, yo no la puedo seguir cuidando acá.
Estoy en Barrio Sur. Se agradece si difunden.

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