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Last boost: How is that not an Aus instance but instead some kinda spam world ???

'Light Warlpiri is made up of a triumvirate of languages: Warlpiri, the indigenous one, Standard Australian English, the colonial one, and Kriol, the English-lexified creole... “The language is split down the middle, with verbs on one side and nouns on the other,” she says. “This is pretty interesting because there are not many ways of speaking in the world that have this split pattern between nouns and verbs.”'

Protip: Albanian music ruuules. Amazing harmonies.

I should rip/share my CDs, 'cause they were pretty tricky to come by ten years back, maybe less-so now???

I learned about striking. That was very satisfying!

— Zuglar Tostedëm, militia commander

StefanKeller: Re MAPTCHA - ReMAPTCHA - A free, map-based anti-spam service that enhances OpenStreetMap

At last, some tools to stop working for free for Google and contribute to the commons while reducing spam!

#captcha #osm #openstreetmap #beta #fuckgoogle #g00gle

Never actually played Fortnite, but apparantly most of it's money comes from selling emotes, and most of those are based on dance moves invented by black people, and of course Epic don't pay or even credit them:

Banksy's self-shredding painting still allows wealth to possess, gatekeep, and define culture, still bottlenecks access through elite auctions. Call back if he makes a piece that hacks and redistributes the contents of the buyer's bank account.

my hot take is banksy is a little bitch I wanna do an art action on the level of amy winehouse dropkicking a papparazzo

Anyone know the deal with this instance?

The only account is a follow bot :/

alexa play Theme of Simon Belmont but meowed by cats.

Today I've—
- emptied the recycle bin into the compost bin
- put the lid from the sugar jar into my tea instead of spooning sugar in.

Kinda feel like I'm in a Peter Coombs song.

Does anyone have any #PeerTube instances and/or channels that they follow?

Here's mine that I work on with original content:

Here's two others that I follow:

Let me know if there's any you have an interest in!

Does anyone know of any Creative Commons or public domain children's ebooks?

so i spent today writing a piece laying out how to write terminal apps without ncurses (and, more importantly, how to write the library that will kill ncurses for good)

this is the result of years of experience delving into dark corners of ANSI specifications, terminfo files, and hoary manpages. this is knowledge that i’ve never seen collected in one place before. please use it, i beg you.


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