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Mega Tootoid

My partner bought a smart tv. It sure likes sending Sony useage data, and you can't opt out :l

Wonder if I can block that but still keep the rest of the Internet stuff functioning.

Also no VGA or component inputs. So no hooking up my busted Kodi/Lubuntu lappy, or decent-video-quality PS2 or Wii :l


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hey everyone, decky and I are nearly broke and we need help paying our bills/groceries/medications. details here

I guess Subway Tooter is my new fave Masto app?

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HEY my new game is out!!! get your #gameing on today! in ... WORLD OF EXPLORE PRO EDITION!!

walk and talk, balk to folk, and sulk and mulct in this re-master of a classic edutainment game!

Why have I not GIMPed this into a flying CHOWCHOW yet?

I highly recommend touching a chow chow at every opportunity.

The chow chow who is the only thing getting me through work-for-the-dole isn't gunna be there for a while 'cause their owner's overseas :(

I can't believe I'd never heard of the Simple 2000 game Space War Attack until this week:

I bought a reasonably priced JP copy straight away.

Then the seller went on holidays so I won't get it till next month.

@PinkCathodeCat I think we're the Melbourne Mastodon Arch Club FYI ๐Ÿ˜ช Hi!

New account feel has me enjoying the federated timeline again?

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i was watching the video for phil collins' "two hearts" and thought, hey, i should make him in fire pro!

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Awwwww. My fave nice videogame bar gallery thing is turning 1, and they're doing a jam to celebrate + showing the entries on the night:

Hi, I'm an artist from Australia. Mostly I make games, these days.

I like films, doggoos, my cattoo, organising files, looking at / smelling / making things.

I've been using masto for a while as, but had been putting off making a 'me' account 'cause I thought I'd set up my own instance. Looks like it's not doable with my current host, and is open again for sign-ups, so here I am :D

My avatar's not actually meant to be glitchy D: