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I've had this game thing idea floating round, but every engine whatever I've used for it didn't fit........but I can just do it with hyperlinks in gifs in tables in HTML pages I think. And I find HTML fun for whatever reason. Maybe some FRAMES!!!

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Hey friends, if you're playing #AnimalCrossingPocketCamp it would mean a great deal to me if you used the feedback/support/rating process to let the developers know that their frequent use of "his or her" is exclusionary and hurtful.

"Visit him or her at his or her camp."

No one talks like that unless they're using language to exclude, oppress, or erase. Normal people, when speaking in the abstract about a person of unknown gender, will say, "Visit them at their camp.".

#AnimalCrossing #PocketCamp #ACPC

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I am still thinking of what to do with my personal website and since I'm not on twitter I can ask this without getting spammed, what are some good options for de-wordpressifying my personal site? I'm sick of how Wordpress blogs behave and look but want to keep the domain and email the same.

I almost made a game today. Animal Crossing, but with scavenged 3-D models. And maybe a button or elder to make things get really huge.

But it was too hot.

Maybe a mocked-up screenshot is enough really.

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Hi! I was on a podcast!

@VirtualClint 's ace SNES podcast. We talked about an airline sim and a pachinko game! @Tulpa and @bachelor are also in there. (wow we're all on masto)


It's one of the few podcasts I like, so give it a burl if smart people giving games a chance sounds interesting to you.?!:)

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Look at my beautiful flower.

This and a loquat tree were the only things (barely) alive when we moved in here, and this is the first year it's flowered.

Finally trying Wayland via Sway.

Only had to change a few lines in my i3 config to get things pretty, and it was perfectly functional before that! Even has gaps and stuff included.

Feels real nice and I don't feel any need to go back to X11. No need for feh, compton, xrandr ... okay those first two weren't actually necessary in i3 either but

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Gunna draw some puppets today. Gunna clean off my table. Gunna stop feeling fucking anxious about it and just do it.

Any opinions RE Mastolab v Subway Tooter?

I don't feel any need to switch from SToot, just curious!

@ryliejamesthomas Equal marriage getting sorted, Socceroos in Works Cup finals, John Wick on the telly: GOOD DAY.

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Maybe mastodon might help? Any ocr software that's free that could be used to scan legal documents that obey a template? And extract via script certain elements of info - name, infringement, etc etc?

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everything's a condiment if you're brave enough

got my gin and tonic, getting hype for the survey announcement