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Let's try hashtags.

Anyone available to chat with me regarding a D&D campaign that I have to run on Wednesday and I have nothing prepared for?

#dnd #dandd #dungeonsanddragons #5thed

So far I'm just cramming the DMG but it annoyingly goes from very vague to very specific in the span of several sentences.

So what I'm saying is ol' Twitter pals with public feeds: I CAN SEE YOU (CONVENIENTLY)

Finally went through my list of bookmarks for things to wrangle RSS feeds from Facebook and Twitter and am real happy with rss-bridge—

—which you can convenienty also use via a few places without setup. I liked:

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looking to set up a gopher server on a raspberry pi, serving archive content such as public domain .txt files on critical theory, philosophy, anarchism, marxism, green, etc.

anyone with links to archives i could host, please let me know.

anyone with help getting set up, let me know.

a boost to get the word out would be helpful!

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all of the interviews and footage behind Jason Scott's (here as @textfiles) phenomenal BBS: The Documentary are going online!

it's one of my favorite things ever, and you should watch it if you haven't (getting to see several cult of the dead cow folks I used to read was particularly fun)

but if it catches your fancy and you have the time, volunteers are needed to add metadata to the interview archive

more dets here:

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you can do this, too!

there's a slight learning curve, which i am rapidly ascending. come join me!

Funny TERF labelling. Show more

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BTW if you don't know I co-host the Super Nintendo Exploration Squad podcast where a bunch of folks from Select Button play random SNES games. It's a real blast.

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I wrote a little thing about HenyaG, a weird free Japanese PalmOS game-making tool from the early 2000s

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The fact that game developers call those post-release write-up things they post on Gamasutra or wherever 'post-mortems' probably says a lot about why their games suck.

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Also I should mention that Game Critique Club is starting up on the forums. First game is 'Ball 2' by Phil:

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Aight I'm at babycastles in time for wordhack. Follow @LogicalDash for livetoots

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Winner will receive by snail mail a set of pixel art Soft Hugs Stickers!
RT to enter! Winner announced on Jan 20th!

PS: Don't know who Soft Hugs are? Watch the MV:

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hello mastodon, i released my first LP the other day. if you like electronic music and you like seeing trans women succeed then please listen and share it with your friends! every purchase helps me and my wife pay our bills.

eight pieces of minimalist meditation and transfeminine noisemagic

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