@Wolf480pl @rysiek @Aaron you’re right. It would need to be an IETF standard, not some garage project, though. And even then, IPv6 is an IETF standard and most ISPs and consumers would rather suffer from lack of IPs than make the move.

@Wolf480pl @rysiek @Aaron having said that, I look at my kids (late teens) and realize that email will likely be relegated to inter and intra corporation communications. I’m not saying this is a good thing, mind you, because I don’t think replacing email with a series of Snapchat pictures is the most ideal solution, either.


@jerry @Wolf480pl@niu.moe @Aaron@boringpeople.org ut that's why I said we have a head start.

We either do this now, however, or we will have to deal with having to do the same thing but for a closed, proprietary, walled garden like Failspook.

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@rysiek @Wolf480pl @Aaron true. Email itself is becoming rapidly less federated. It’s becoming increasingly more painful to run a mail server (I speak from much experience) and it’s all moving to just a few providers (google, MS, etc). Point is, I think we’re moving to that walled garden even with smtp.

@jerry @rysiek @Wolf480pl @Aaron Interesting discussion! And I recently tooted a thread about a different angle on why so many people are so attracted to these centralised e-mail and other services. It's accessibility for people with disabilities, non-tech users etc. These big companies usually have much better resources to make things usable for a broader audience. See my thread here: toot.cafe/@marcozehe/100032643

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