@Wolf480pl @rysiek @jerry @Aaron I do kind-of have questions about Matrix. From a distance it kind-of looks like they decided to reimplement XMPP with the latest fashion of JSON. And I still have to explore it's encryption situation.

As for SSB I'm starting to look into it, particularly with Git-SSB. And from what I've seen, the tech looks very elegant when dealing with group comms or reliability despite the clients. Though again I have to look at the encryption again.

@Wolf480pl @rysiek @jerry @Aaron Practically I'll happily use anything e2e encrypted (and unhappily anything else), but I will explain my ideal messenger.

First off I'm aware that the routing metadata is quite sensitive information, and am keen on seeing ways to encrypt it.

And second while I by no means think everything should be p2p, I do think messaging should be. This comes down to a concern that unless given a practical reason otherwise I worry everyone will use the same server.


@alcinnz @Wolf480pl@niu.moe @jerry @Aaron@boringpeople.org agreed. e2e, p2p, metadata hidden.

I like the approach of Briar and Ricochet, i.e. going via the Tor network. That's a good start. And with the improvements in the speed of hidden services lately potentially makes it possible to even have audio/video calls.

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@rysiek @Wolf480pl @jerry @Aaron Oooh, Ricochet. From what little I've looked up about it, I'll be sure to check it out!

@alcinnz @Wolf480pl@niu.moe @jerry @Aaron@boringpeople.org aye, please do!

It's a bit dated codebase, no work apparently done for the last 2 years or. Still, working just fine.

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