@Wolf480pl @jerry @rysiek @Aaron I feel like just one "killer" app would speed the adoption quite a bit. Like if Slack was federated similarly to Matrix.org - people would just use Slack and in the process prop up the new protocol. Like most people don't realize they're using federation when they email someone on a different provider, but they do. Problem is, email's primary incentive wasn't profit, in this VC-funded age it is, so Slack has no incentive to adopt an open, federated protocol.


@MatejLach @Wolf480pl@niu.moe @jerry @Aaron@boringpeople.org we already have something similar to slack that federates like Matrix.

It's called Matrix.

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@rysiek @Wolf480pl @jerry @Aaron On a serious note, the company I work at is very found of Slack, I'm going to try to convince them to adopt Matrix at our next company meeting and report back. If we all do this, we could make a difference.

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