Although I love and appreciate my friends who fight in the political sphere...

Part of me thinks a) we can't win and b) the censorship, the filtering, the copyright, the moral panics - all will ultimately work to our favour.

By "our", I mean us folks who care about decentralization, free software and less corporate ways to exist online.

The more constraints the law puts on Internet businesses, the more compelling the law-ignoring DIY alternatives become.

Bad laws are for breaking. โœŠ

@HerraBRE they will work in favour of small elite of tech-savvy users. Not the general public. And that's a very elitist point of view.

Besides, then they will pass another law. And another. The laws will fsck you up one way or the other, eventually.

We need both. Laws that do not fsck things up, and decentralized services that are hard to fsck up.

@rysiek I disagree with the elitist point, simply because what I am talking about is building services and software for the general public - things like Mastodon or Peertube or Signal (or Mailpile!), not things like Pond or Mailman.

I agree that the political battles are necessary, but my impression is we have been, inch by inch, losing ground over the past 20-30 years. It's pure defence and inevitably the other team scores a goal now and then.

I'm looking for opportunities for offense.

@HerraBRE this "losing inch by inch" might be true. But that also means that we delay it so that developers have time to create services that are more robust and decentralized.

The alternative is clearly to lose all or a lot at once, which would mean there is no time to develop the new services.

If you want offence in this area, get involved, get people galvanized and informed, so that we *can* go on offence and fix copyright, for example.


@HerraBRE the reason why we're losing inch by inch, and why we're always playing catch-up, and why we're always outnumbered, is because "our side" does not have high-powered lawyers by the dozen, and millions in lobbying money.

I am here in Strasbourg on my *vacation time*!

You want to go on the offence? Support EDRi. Support politicians that are doing good work, like Reda, or Boni. Or McCarthy.

Software is an important argument, too! But we need to tackle the law.

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