Apparently the publishers are going bananas about involvement in . They sent this to ALL MEPs:

I find it absolutely hilarious!

To all of you who have called, and those who wrote an e-mail, and those that support in all different ways, from very vocal to very silent -- thank you.

You guys are amazing. You are taking part in a political and historical process.

This is an old one, but a golden one. And it applies to 2010, 2012, and now just as well.

@rysiek Wikipedia, this well known communist organization.

@rysiek It is hilarious. Since when is Mozilla a powerful media platform with tons of money to spend on lobbying and since when Wikipedia is an enemy of copyright?

@rysiek Additionally, they now call Wikipedia linking to Mozilla a "backhanded collaborative lobbying of the platforms".

Which platforms? Since when Wikipedia and Mozilla are the "platforms" that the proposal's authors are directing this directive against?

@rysiek The same to you! Thank you for the hard work you did in Straßburg. Let's see the results tomorrow.

@rysiek Not being an EU citizen I don't know how based in reality this is.

But I do know that activist campaigns are often well-organized (perhaps too well) to try and make a stronger point, and that has no bearing on the conviction of the campaign.

And I don't like politicians papering over problems in their laws with exceptions, as those generally indicate deeper problems.

That said if you're yet to comment it'd be a good idea to directly address this in your own words.

@alcinnz I can tell you this is not a well organized campaign.

On the publishers' side, though, I am pretty sure that's a different story.

Nobody is asking for exceptions. Wikipedia doesn't want the exception. They want Art13 fixed for everyone. So does everyone else.

@rysiek Yet that's how politicians sometimes try to compromise with us.

On the TPPA citizenry of almost all the relevant countries did not want ISDS in any form and used the campaign for SmokeFree 2020 (in New Zealand) as an example of why it could be a bad idea. So an exception was added to the freetrade agreement for cigerrates.

The new exception on "property" though could be construed to be general enough.

@rysiek @alcinnz

The (well organized) people must not be allowed to sway the vote of MEPs to reduce the sad, weak influence which "might" come from the publishing industry. </snark>

@rysiek Lol, the old lobbying guard is absolutely losing it when being counter-lobbied.

On the positive side, I think it shows that it doesn't take much to defeat these gatekeepers, they're just used to operating in the dark, without opposition and hate being exposed.

The fact that they're talking about a " bad-faith attempt to discredit a proposed directive" even as that's been their strategy every time a relaxation of copyright was proposed has me on the floor.

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