@rysiek the first soup.io link I have seen in ages! I wonder if we can convince them to join the fediverse lol (also this is a quality post)

@rysiek sorta seems like their project is slightly dead I wonder what it would take to convince them to open source it? so a community could foster its development into a open source tumblr type service that supports , I think there might just be one developer at this point.

@rysiek nope theres two devs Esad Hajdarevic and Karolin Varner and one director named Philip Poten (via soup.io/about)

@rysiek looks like they haven't posted anything about their service in the last year. and the last "update" was in 2017 when they had a server crash and lost a bunch of data. I wonder if a platform coop willing to take them on and transition the platform into a community supported future

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