Just wanted to do a shout-out to @nextcloud : thank you for doing actual toots instead of cross-posting from birbsite like before.

It is appreciated very much!

@rysiek How do you know the difference? Last birbsite RT toot is from 5 days ago, and since then no toots that include a name mention or RT.

@raucao 't[.]co' links. They're not showing up here anymore.

@rysiek That can just mean that they switched to a better bridge tool like In fact, I would think so, seeing as they also have other birdsite toots with decoded links in their recent timeline.

@raucao ah, well. Still a huge improvement compared to 2 months ago or so.

@rysiek Yes, but also still hugely disappointing, that they prefer an advertising network over the open Web for their original content/PR.

@rysiek @raucao Even if it is a bridge and it is all POSSE logic, it does give a sense of first class citizen in the microblog-verse

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