Oh boy.

" has stopped distributing its latest Windows 10 October 2018 Update. The software giant started rolling out the update during the company’s Surface event earlier this week, but some Windows 10 immediately noticed their documents were being deleted."

How do you fsck up an update so much that user files are deleted?

@rysiek they don't really give a f*** anymore.

Since the whole "windows as a service" crap thing, they're basically using their end users for QC.

@rysiek By making it a sophisticated transparent reinstallation process.

@xrevan86 fun fact: it also fscks up any full disk encryption that happens to not be BitLocker (for instance done using VeraCrypt).

This is really frustrating if you need to manage 10+ machines with such config.

@rysiek "fsck" may be they key word here.
Or maybe more like "chkdsk".

(just speculating ofc)

@rysiek To avoid these kinds of things I switched my work desktop to Semi-Anual Channel which makes sure these updates are already in widespread use before they get to me

Settings > Update and Security > Advanced Options > Choose when updates are installed >

I also delay feature updates to 10 days, just in case

Unfortunately, I can't get rid of my Windows box because so many of our tools at work don't run on anything else

@rysiek @cypnk

I can backup @cypnk 's findings, for the same reasons.

Same settings I use.

@thegibson @rysiek Check this out:

"I've seen something like this already in spring. A colleague lost all their documents, and calmly claimed it was probably "Windows Update". Apparently it is common knowledge in the office that Windows Update sometimes does that. I could never verify nor reproduce it, and chalked it up to "users say the darndest things". Files were simply restored from backup. Now I'm beginning to wonder if there was more to it."

Hose your PC Tuesday

@ultimape @cypnk @thegibson that makes a lot of sense. Microsoft has been pushing OneDrive crap for years. There's aparently no way to remove it from the file manager anymore.


@rysiek @ultimape @thegibson Why siphon browsing data when you have access to the data itself

Anonymized to "protect your privacy", of course

@cypnk @thegibson @ultimape @rysiek I have never trusted anyone who has ever told me that they anonymized my data.

@slphilxyz @thegibson @ultimape @rysiek There's a good reason for that: "anonymized data" doesn't actually exist for the most part

With enough data points, it's usually possible to track the user

@ultimape @cypnk @rysiek

I, of course... have a more sinister theory...

OneDrive would be safe from these shenaningans... perhaps this is how they start the "well, if you had your files on oneDrive"....

They want everything AAS...

@rysiek I've seen this myself. Applied update, whole new user profile. Given Microsoft's recent bad run with updates, I'm not as surprised as I should be.

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