I am very tempted to switch my personal server from systemd to any other init. Question is, can docker be used without systemd?.. :thounking:

Devuan seems to work well enough for me to consider just migrating my Debian stretch server to Devuan ASCII: devuan.org/os/documentation/de

Looks pretty duable, and since I already installed sysvinit-core, I'm kind of halfway there.

But perhaps I should not start it at 4AM. :blobnom:

@rysiek I think @maiyannah mentioned a while back that it's easy to replace systemd within Debian.

@bob @maiyannah it is a question of `apt-get install sysvinit-core`, yes.

However, 1. it still leaves some systemd-related services running; 2. because of what I consider a bug in packaging of `libvirt-daemon-system`, you cannot have a Debian stretch system with libvirtd set up as a system service and *not* have systemd installed (if not running).

Also, I want to play with Devuan and my personal server seems like a perfect fit. :)

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