Enjoying the DNS session at #ripe77:
They keep coming up with new ways to break the Internet ;D
There's a DNS Flag Day in February 2019: dnsflagday.net

#DNS flag day, as I understood it at #RIPE77:
Many DNS servers do not respond to queries which have been valid for twenty years.
DNS resolvers have worked around this for a long time.
Now they collectively decided to stop working around the problem. So queries for affected DNS servers will just fail.


@NerdResa@cybre.spacejust in case anybody needs it, here's a terribly inefficient way of getting all domains from your overbloated nginx config:

grep -hri server_name /path/to/nginx/sites/* | grep -v '^#' | sed -r -e 's/ +server_name //' | tr -d ';' | tr ' ' '\n' | grep -v onion | sed -r -e 's/(test|www)\.//' | egrep -v '\..+\.' | sort | uniq

It removes any .onion domains, removes test. and www. subdomains (but keeps the domain name for these), and removes all subdomains.

Challenge: make it shorter!

@rysiek egrep -hri "\sserver_name\s" nginx.conf | grep -v '^#' | sed -e "s|\s*server_name\s*||;s|;||;s|\s|\n|;s|www\.||;s|test\.||" | sort | uniq

@rysiek egrep -hri "\sserver_name\s" nginx.conf | grep -v '^#' | sed -e "s|\s*server_name\s*||;s|;||;s|\s|\n|;s|www\.||;s|test\.||;/onion/d" | sort | uniq

Forgot to remove the onion lines ;)

@rysiek egrep -hri "\sserver_name\s" nginx.conf | sed -e "/^#/d;s|\s*server_name\s*||;s|;||;s|\s|\n|;s|www\.||;s|test\.||;/onion/d" | sort | uniq

even shorter ;)

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