A dream position: any in which I can say "no, sorry, we do not support Microsoft Windows"


What is the reasoning behind it? That it is not open source?

@h3artbl33d that it's a steaming pile of crap. Somebody installs Microsoft .Net Framework on Microsoft Windows 10 and suddenly stuff just BSODs. Somebody installs official updates on Windows 10 and suddenly their files are gone.

@h3artbl33d both are from my personal experience, this is not some bullcrap hypothetical stuff. This is what I have to deal with.


Wow, okay. Unfortunately I do not have open positions for the coming months. The only Windows support we needed to do once was figure out why Windows 7 couldn't connect with our mail servers (answer: doesn't support TLSv1.2 out of the box, registry hack needed).

Redmond made a mess with updates the last few years.

@h3artbl33d well I do have open positions on my team, so. ;)

And I would claim updates were always a complete mess on Windows.

Vodafone paid me for offering M$ Windows support at their ADSL call center.

@random @rysiek do you have any particularly interesting stories? I can imagine you had to have some absolutely fascinating calls.

@loke @random well I am not working frontline helpdesk, so yes and no.

@loke @rysiek

Tons of them! Many people calls ADSL tech support because their PC screen displays the message "No signal" (Plug the f*%&ing wire in the graphics card, dumb!), people who doesn't want to plug the power supply into the router because "it's wireless"...

It's easy to lost faith in humanity after a month at that job.

@random @rysiek what did you reply to the guy with the wireless power?

In my previous job, we had a sign on the wall that said "The problem is Windows".

There was always an opportunity to just sigh and point at the sign.

@rysiek I have considered adding code to my Free Software that exceptions out if the code is run on Windows, explaining that it's unsupported, so you should only use it if you or a willing volunteer/friend/colleague are capable of finding the exception line and removing it. And maintain it thereafter...
I haven't done so yet, as Windows-specific issues haven't come up for any of my stuff. But the temptation will be real if they do.

@rysiek if Windows are so bad then why does every building have them?
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