So here's how I manage my reading list:

1. click a link, decide it's worth a read
2. open in Firefox's Reader View (this thing is glorious)
3. Print to PDF into my "ToRead" repository
4. use git-annex to manage the local repo on the laptop and the repo on my e-book reader (thus when I read something on the reader I just remove it or move it to "Done" directory; and then sync nicely)

Git annex:

@rysiek Which ebook reader do you use that isn't ass with PDFs?

@tadzik who said it isn't ass with PDFs? ;)

PocketBook Basic Lux 615:

Works well with PDFs printed out of Firefox's Reader View *if* footer and header metadata elements (link, page number, etc) are disabled in Reader View, and automatic margin handling enabled in the e-reader.

Otherwise manual cropping of margins is needed, a bit annoying but not a show-stopper (additional 5s of clicking per PDF).


@mayel @tadzik show me how I can easily print out a page as epub and I will.

Assuming a complete Calibre set up is installed:

ebook-convert myfile.input_format myfile.output_format -h

Of course, not all ebook formats are mutually convertible, but HTML to epub should be trivial.

@mayel @tadzik

@rysiek @mayel @tadzik Or you could selfhost Wallabag (it can export articles to epub and json).

@desikn @mayel @tadzik this will not let me easily mark things as read on my e-reader (remember, offline only), so it would be a step backwards.

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