A bit tired of traveling. Considering skipping . Then again, it's FOSDEM...

Decisions, decisions...

@taziden it's a great place to see all the wonderful peeps again; then again, I am still exhausted after Congress.

Plus, Brussels is *cold*.

@rysiek Lots to do and little time but I think I'll be back at #FOSDEM this year. Just a couple of hours drive away. @taziden

I was going to go for over a week, first guix hack, then FOSDEM, then CopyleftConf, but for financial reasons I've cut it down to FOSDEM and CopyleftConf.

@clacke CopyleftConf? I am not aware of that but it sounds relevant to my Internets. can I haz moar infos?

@rysiek Brussels, the day after FOSDEM:…

Still no published list of speakers, but I know @cwebber is one and I assume @bkuhn and/or Karen Sandler and/or Deb Nicholson will be speaking.

@clacke okay, that is a very good reason to come to Brussels, then!

@rysiek All three mentioned conservancists will be at FOSDEM and speaking, so it's probably safe to assume they'll be both present and speaking at their own event. 😀…
Hmm, actually the Guix hack is just the one day. Maybe I'll decide to fit that into my trip after all.

If you're not into Guix, there are several other events happening around FOSDEM, in Brussels or close enough:…
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