Hey @HerraBRE any way to display full e-mail source/headers in ? Can't quite find that option.

@rysiek Yes, if you open the message and hover over the subject, some extra clickable icons appear to the right.

There's a hammer representing the "message source." That makes sense, right?

@HerraBRE it... kinda does, but I would suggest icons to appear whenever the message is displayed in full. There's a bunch of things that happen on hover in Mailpile and I keep finding myself fishing (no pun intended) around with my mouse to try and find the on-hover locations. ;)

@rysiek I agree, the hover thing is an anti-pattern which is particularly hostile towards mobile devices.

But visual clutter is also a problem; so far I've opted for keeping things clean and reduce distractions, at some expense to "usefulness."

When I was working with a designer, he just wanted to drop rarely used features entirely; this was a compromise.

I'd like to do better, but I'm not quite willing to go all out on buttons everywhere yet.

Could use help with these design challenges.


Hey / , any / designers here willing to help @HerraBRE in making (one of the few e-mail clients not susceptible to e-Fail) even more amazing?

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