Hey @conservancy, I have set-up an account at site *just to learn what the ticket price is* and now am in the registration form.

It mentions paying for the ticket, but nowhere does it mention the actual price.

What the hell?

/cc @cwebber

So for the record, and only after completing the first page of the registration form, the ticket prices for are:

$100 - Professional
$15 - Discount

"Discount tickets are for people who are students, employees of a charity, underemployed, or unemployed. "

Are you guys *trying* to make this information hard to come by? Why? @conservancy

/cc @cwebber

@jlelse @cwebber @conservancy wow, ok. Either I kept missing it completely for the last 2 days, or it was added today.

Either way, good it's there one way or the other. Thanks for pointing this out.

It was added a couple days ago after someone else pointed out that it should be more obvious. We do listen to feedback. @rysiek @jlelse @cwebber

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