This is a public service announcement: by saying "IT is crap because users still buy it" you are effectively blaming the victim.

There is a huge information and resources asymmetry between large companies creating software and hardware, and regular person who just wants their Internet-connected device to, you know, not do harm. Companies effectively made a business model out of that asymmetry.

We need education and regulation to make IT not crap.

@rysiek Yes. But asides regulation and education, we also need to accept that there are people who want to have sharp, powerful tools that meet their needs and use cases without requiring them to build them entirely on their own. Just like people want to *drive* cars without having to bother how they work internally.

@z428 oh sure, absolutely. But using sharp tools that can get you hurt should be a clear choice, and not the default state of affairs for everyone all the time.

@rysiek Yes, but sharp tools could hurt you for different reasons. Like a car: Driving at 250 km/h possibly is a dangerous idea - but the car itself should be able to handle it if you need that. 😉

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