Self-Encrypting Drives, or why "hardware" SSD encryption is mostly crap:

Great talk, with live demos (and a kernel panic). Conclusion: stick to dm-crypt.

@rysiek Thanks for the summary, good to know my gut feeling here was right. :P

Hahaha, I remember noticing when this crazy guy was about to flash the firmware of the WRONG DEVICE, involutarily yelling out aloud when he hit that enter key a few secs later, @rysiek. What would have made me sweat exhuberantly didn't disparage him, and he just went on doing 'warning, destructive' stuff without an itch, even hitting the wrong device a few more times. This guy has balls of steel.

@RefurioAnachro I've been on CCC stage, it was not balls of steel (at least for me), it was dazend and cofused, fight-or-flight response to all those people looking at you. You just push through. ;)

That sounds plausible and relatable,
@rysiek, but even so, did you also get into such exquisite troubles on stage? I figure it must have happened to him before, and he may have been aware that he did not kill his harddisk. Be that as it may, it's a sight I will remember!

@RefurioAnachro hah, well, no. I guess he saw on the output that firware did not get accepted by the device, so all good. ;)

But yea, a chilling moment, and his reaction was great.

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