This is a public service announcement: by saying "IT is crap because users still buy it" you are effectively blaming the victim.

There is a huge information and resources asymmetry between large companies creating software and hardware, and regular person who just wants their Internet-connected device to, you know, not do harm. Companies effectively made a business model out of that asymmetry.

We need education and regulation to make IT not crap.


I've been trying to introduce some fellow activists (not your average Joe Clueless ) to concepts like digital self defence, de-Googling, encryption and decentralisation and believe me when I say the resistance to these ideas is fierce, ranging from "Facebook is easy" to "Google drive is free", to "how can this help us"



@Antanicus @switchingsocial it takes time, but people do get it eventually. Also, it's important to find examples that resonate. It's not easy.

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