I had never had a streaming service account, because I refused to set one up with a centralized service that locks me down, does not allow me to download tracks, and doesn't have libre-licensed content.

Enter! And what greets me the first time I visit the site? An CC-licensed album:

I am okay with this. I am very okay with this.

Therefore, @rysiek

And it supports Subsonic API so I can play stuff right from my desktop. Great!

@rysiek maaaan I hope you didn't just convince me to get into audio streaming pls, I was enjoying being an mp3 hipster

@rysiek mm, seems a little sparse but definitely a very nice tool.

I wonder how it will scale in the future if it succeeds? That won't be a fun challenge imho

@piecritic yeah, the main @funkwhale instance might have a more complete catalogue.

@rysiek is the catalogue distributed as well? I'm struggling to find information lol

@rysiek it implies it is:

This model is kinda exciting, particularly an old-school pirate who still hasn't found a better model of music discovery than that era.

@pettter @rysiek @piecritic that's a planned feature, but we have other priorities right now ;)

@piecritic @rysiek the idea is to spread the load on multiple instances, thanks to federation 😃

@funkwhale @piecritic makes sense!

Are you considering using WebTorrents for content delivery, like PeerTube?

@rysiek @piecritic well, that's an open discussion, but my current stance is that it makes less sense than for video streaming, mainly because content is shorter (usually under 5 minutes) and less people are consuming the same content at the same time.

Thus, most of the time, the server would end serving the file anyway. However, if content is cached on the various instances where it's consumed (so all the load is not directed at the origin instance):)

@funkwhale @rysiek you could have users serve up to X number of previously played songs to a point as well, but yeah the complexity vs reality tradeoff does make it a challenge.

@rysiek ANTI-CAPITALIST ELECTROSWING you say?? :blobhyperthink:

I'll have to check this out after work! I probably won't be able to leave behind my pandora stations that I've carefully cultivated for years, but this'll act as a nice supplement. Is there an android app?

@rysiek Nice. Digging the electroswing. Tri-Tachyon rock, er, swing!

BTW: Have you tried Magnatune? It supports streaming but is more of a distributor for indie music. It's a bit pricey because you have to buy a lifetime subscription up front, but if the catalog is to your liking, there's a lot to download ... all in glorious lossless formats, or mp3 if you like.

I now own more classical guitar recordings than I can shake a stick at. \o/

Hey, this is the fist time I've managed to listen to something through funkwhale! Thanks! Love the swing.

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