Ok, switched to Whisperfish from Signal Android on my Jolla. I like how Whisperfish is native and well-integrated into the system. I like how I don't have to run the Android compatibility layer anymore.

Looks like I can message people again now (though I suspect the problem was due to me mucking around with backups rather than anything else).

Let's see how long until moxie breaks Whisperfish.


This also means I might finally have an answer to the age-long question: what phone should I get next. The answer seems to be: something modern that supports .

I had two reasons to consider jumping ship from Sailfish:
1. Signal only available as an Android app, with Android emulation causing it not to work all that great;
2. lack of full memory encryption.

Whisperfish solves 1.; and next releases of SailfishOS supposedly will solve 2.: blog.jolla.com/sailfish3/

@rysiek Looks really nice. Does it work in the US, or do they just not sell phones in the US?

@ron I believe Jolla Phone does work in the US, but not sure. They also stopped selling phones -- instead, they're selling SailfishOS for owners of compatible hardware.

@rysiek I kinda want to go the KDE Plasma route myself. If I can get the bootloader unlocked on my old Sony Z1C, I might get on the PostmarketOS mailing lists and see if I can get their stuff working. If not I'll probably just wait for the Purism / Librem devices to come out.

@djsumdog these doo sound nice, but... I wonder if they will support Signal one way or the other. For me that's (sadly) a show-stopper.

But Librem/Purism devices are on some QML-using OS, right? If so, porting Whisperfish to them will probably not be terribly hard.

We shall see.

@rysiek oh yea, I totally want to run Plasma, fully knowing that (and with the intention of) I'll have to write a lot of my own apps to fill in gaps for anything that's missing. I really want to though; am sick of the mostly closed Android ecosystem.

@djsumdog I have never owned an Android or iOS device. And I intend to keep it that way. Was close to breaking before I found Whisperfish though.

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