@BartG95 @rysiek I know you aren't asking me, but I would either choose:
1. fully disabled Intel ME. Governments can request this from Intel, and I'm sure news media can, too.
2. Non-Intel chipsets. But watch out, because other chipset manufacturers are alledged to have installed similar control systems.

@aeveltstra @BartG95 well we can request but I don't think anybody will bother to respond to that request.

Sadly, we have no option than to disable whatever is possible to disable ourselves and hope for the best. Using a decade old hardware is simply not an option.

@aeveltstra @BartG95 but also, if I ever get to a point where Intel ME is the biggest problem I need to worry about, I will be a happy, happy man. IT security in 2019 is hilariously, impossibly broken, and Intel ME is nowhere near the top of the list of biggest impact issues...


@aeveltstra @BartG95 so it's not about what I consider acceptable or not, it's about risk management and harm reduction in a world where "secure software" and "secure hardware" are oxymorons.

@rysiek @aeveltstra @BartG95 Somebody really need to make an exploit to run say IRC server on the ME / PSP / TPU / etc.

@rysiek @aeveltstra @BartG95 I saw a news couple years ago about vulnerabilities discovered in the ME, but am lazy to search for it now. Also there was an interesting precedent with Cisco, previously believed to be super-secure.

@amiloradovsky @rysiek @BartG95 Yeah. With ME and similar hardware control systems, any hint of privacy goes right out the door.

@aeveltstra @rysiek @BartG95 Not quite. It's just one particular kind of deliberate backdoor, which is very hard to get rid of.
The proponents of backdoors apparently believe only the government will have access to them, and the government won't allow to use it even the local police departments. — Very wrong. It is the case only at the beginning: soon literally everybody on Earth, who wants, will have the access.

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